Your Kinks

As a professional Femdom I make it a priority to get to know each and every submissive as much as I possibly can. A big part of the Domme/Sub dynamic is knowing exactly what makes you tick, and using it to my advantage¬† (don’t worry, you’ll enjoy it too)! By filling in my kink questionnaire below, you are providing all of the information necessary to begin our Domme/Sub relationship.

How to fill in the form:

It is crucial that you are 100% honest with the information you provide! Being dishonest will only end up wasting time as we discuss things further. I have included the most common fetishes/kinks in the checkbox section. If you don’t see your favorites then feel free to add them in the notes at the bottom. Be sure to include your LoyalFans username so that I know who has filled in the form.¬†