Tribute FAQ's

Q Do you accept CashApp, Venmo, PayPal or BitCoin?

A No. ALL of my payment methods are listed above. The options I have provided are discreet and confidential, for your safety and mine.

Q I don't know how much to send for an initial tribute. How much is acceptable?

A This depends on you and your budget. The minimum tribute for initial contact is £20 (when done outside of LoyalFans). Though, many clients send much more than this.

Q I love Findom but I struggle to control myself. Are you able to help keep me in line?

A Yes, I have many submissives who love Findom. I have helped them to strike a good balance, enabling them to indulge in their fetish whilst budgeting appropriately. DM me on LoyalFans so we can discuss further.

Q Can I send you a gift in exchange for a session / custom?

A On occasion I will consider this, providing the gift value matches / exceeds the value of the session/custom. The gift will also need to be something that provides high value in my day to day life. Reach out to me HERE to inquire. Be sure to send a £20 tribute HERE alongside your inquiry.

Q Can we chat for free? I want to get to know you first.

A As a highly successful femdom / hypnodomme, I am unable to devote precious time getting to know potential clients for free. I provide many free resources (this site, Twitter, my YouTube channel, ) where you are able to get a feel for my personality and femdom style. If you are still on the fence about whether or not to take the plunge, then you are simply not ready yet. Come back to me when you are.