Contact Me

Contact Me:

If you wish to serve me you may approach me through my  LoyalFans.  This is my main site and where ALL of my exclusive content is uploaded.

Don’t have a LoyalFans account?

Sign Up Here! 


If I have a question can I contact you through Twitter?

If you have a genuine query then you may ask me about these on Twitter. Please note however, Twitter takes a back seat in my list of priorities. If you want to become a priority then it is customary for you to send a £20 tribute first! You can do this securely here.

Anyone sending unsolicited material or trying to obtain freebies will immediately be blocked.

Do you accept Paypal or Cashapp?

No. As I’ve stated above – Loyalfans is the only site I use. It is quick and  easy to sign up and allows you to upload a specific amount to your online wallet. This helps you to plan and budget more effectively.

If you want an alternative method of paying then reach out to my via DM on Twitter, ensure you thank me for my time by sending £20 in advance HERE.

Do you offer in person meets?

NO. I am a Distance Dominatrix. I do not tour or travel to meet clients. My services are strictly online only.