About Me

About Me

Welcome Pet, This is Goddess Sophia Synn.

I am an online femdom like no other. From the moment you contact me, you will be aware of the powers I command. I seek perfection in everything I do and this extends to my role as a dominant Woman. If you wish to serve me, be warned, I am addictive. You can expect regular assignments, and I always expect a high standard of completion. my services are not cheap either… If you want the best, be prepared to pay premium rates!

Now, if you are looking for a shiny new distraction then look elsewhere! If, on the other hand you are looking for an authentic femdom experience then look no further – I am the real deal! I prefer subs that wish to build a longstanding connection.

Aftercare is extremely important to me, and this is something I pride myself in! I am an intelligent and creative femdom, with the experience and knowledge to exceed all expectations.

I specialize heavily in Femdom, Findom, Hypnosis (trance) and ASMR. So if you are looking for a Goddess with the capabilities and talents to ruin and rule you, then you’ve come to the right place! Become a subscriber on my LoyalFans Page to access my Premium content – you know you want to…

The Hypnosynn Experience

Think you have control? Think again. You are already succumbing to my will and your desire to serve will only grow over time, until it devours your every thought. You will wake up each morning wondering how you can make me happy. This is where your true worth lies. This is your purpose – absolute servitude.

I will have you on your knees for as long as I wish. Oh, and I love it when you beg. Begging makes everything so much sweeter! doubting my skills? Try me.

My Rules:

I will not tolerate disrespectful behavior of any kind. Ensure that you read these rules BEFORE reaching out to me.

  1. You will always refer to me as Goddess or Ms Synn. I am not your babe, honey, sugar, darling, etc.
  2. You will respect my time. I am very busy, and so if you want my time you will pay for it. It is customary to offer a tribute BEFORE reaching out to a Femdom. This not only shows me that you are not a timewaster, but it also proves that you have potential as a submissive. I value my long serving subbies, and always invest more time in the ones that prove they deserve it.
  3. I am NOT a cam model. I am a Femdom. Know the difference. If you request Skype sessions, understand that you are not entitled to see me on cam. The Skype sessions I offer are one way cam only (me viewing you). I only upload videos as and when I want to! To see more video clips of me you will need to Subscribe to my LoyalFans.
  4. I do not cater to Vanilla. I am a femdom. I do not switch. Do not ask.
  5. I do not offer Blackmail. Blackmail in real life is illegal – and every single thing I do IS real! Real hypnosis. Real brainwashing. Real control. This is not a game.
  6. I do not offer in person meets. I am a distance Dominatrix, femdom and content creator. I am not an escort.

Until we speak,