About Me

The Hypnosynn Experience

Think you have control? Think again. You are already succumbing to my will and your desire to serve will only grow over time, until it devours your every thought. You will wake up each morning wondering how you can make me happy. This is where your true worth lies. This is your purpose - absolute servitude.

I will have you on your knees for as long as I wish. Oh, and I love it when you beg. Begging makes everything so much sweeter... Not that it'll do you any good 😉

Explore your desires with erotic hypnosis

As a fully certified hypnotherapist with over 6 years experience in both hypnosis and femdom, I combine my particular skillset to create a very powerful experience. If you've ever ordered a custom audio or video from me you'll know how addictive I can be. My sensual voice effortlessly lures you into a deeply relaxing state of trance. Even the most resistant submissives are no match for my techniques. And Once you are under, the real fun can begin...

I'll use a combination of commands, triggers, anchors and subliminal messages to influence your every thought... You'll be my little puppet in no time at all! And we both know how badly you want that 😉