Servitude Is A Privilege


Being bombarded with messages, day in, day out is pretty standard for any Femdom. Even as I type this blog I have at least 7 new requests from submissive men begging to become mine. Men wanting me to control their orgasms, finances and lifestyles down to the finest details. This is what I do best, and most importantly, it’s what I enjoy the most about being a dominant woman. But make no mistake, serving me is not a right. This is not about money. This is about commitment. Serving me is a privilege.

Superficial Submission

Even though brief sub/domme relationships can be fun, this is not where my priorities lie.  If you are a femdom addict, then it may be difficult for you to break out of your habits of mass content consumption.  But until you cross the line from superficial submission to authentic submission, you will always feel that something is missing. You will always crave distraction after distraction. And trust me when I say that no femdom out there will be able to provide you with all you are seeking. 

Cure For The Itch


Why? Quite simply it provides the ideal environment for both sub and domme to truly get to know one another. Plus, things can get rather complicated when you attempt to serve multiple femdoms at once, and I deserve your complete undivided attention and service.  

Here’s a scenario for you. Let’s say you are into the idea of orgasm control. You are wanting to explore further, diving deeper into other kinks like chastity. How can I possibly oversee and guide your journey of kink exploration when you are attempting to obey the commands of other femdoms?

Quite possibly your training may require you to abstain from orgasm for a few days, meanwhile another domme may be commanding you to cum, and vice versa. It undermines my training process and will not be effective as a result. 

I’m sure you see my point…

Practice What You Preach

You want a real Femdom right? Someone with experience in this industry? A Femdom that know exactly what buttons to press. Well, this is what I offer.

If you want that truly authentic experience then I would highly suggest that you offer yourself as a truly authentic and devoted submissive. 

Servitude Standards

I don’t need to tell you that you are submissive. You already know. I mean, you found you way here did you not? Admitting what you are is the very first step to unlocking your true potential. 

Once you can accept your submissive nature, you can take some pride in your efforts as a submissive. What makes you different to a femdom like me? What makes you unique and unforgettable. And trust me when I say – You need to aim high! 

I remember the submissives that go above and beyond. The ones that are consistent in their servitude. The ones that are honest and communicate openly with me. And the ones that love making me happy! 

Ready To Serve? 

Join me on LoyalFans and begin your journey into submission now.  I’ll look forward to seeing you there 😉


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