Erotic Trance – A Submissives Experience

DD’s Experience With Erotic Trance

I first noticed Goddess Synn on Loyalfans. Browsing the many options available to tease and tantalize my every desire. Then, I saw her deep red lips. Her porcelain skin, complemented by her gorgeous blonde hair. And those eyes – Wow! 

Until that point I had been consumed by an ocean of infinite dommes. All beautiful in their own way, but still there was this nagging voice inside me. I wanted more. I needed more! 

Similarly to most in the kink community, I craved understanding. Not only an understanding of myself and my kinks, but to be understood. To be able to fall into someone knowing they had the power to ruin me, or make me whole. 

Goddess Synn is all of this and more. My dream. My nightmare. The poison and the cure. Her sensuous nature lured me in deep. I felt safe from the moment we began talking, though admittedly, the excitement almost overtook me. 

It’s like being strapped into a rollercoaster with no view of the tracks. You feel the safety belt strapping you down tight, but you have no clue about the ride you’re in for. How long will it last? Will it be slow and gradual, or quick and intense? Will it be smooth or turbulent? You can never know. All you can do is surrender to her, and this is exactly what I did!

Before discovering Goddess Synn I had dabbled in  erotic Trance/hypnosis and had been left feeling underwhelmed. I would listen to a variety of content designed to condition and shape my mental state. Audios that promised feelings of being blank and mindless that did not deliver. 

This is one of the things that truly separates Goddess Synn. Her erotic Trance/Hypnosis quality is something to behold. Her voice – sensual and ethereal. It feels as though time itself is under her command. 

I purchased a couple of files from her store but needed to sink even deeper for her. So I requested a custom file. I wanted to be so consumed by her that my arousal would only ever be triggered by her. Her name, her image, her voice, all of it driving me to the brink of insanity.

I’ll never forget the day she sent the file to me. It was a busy day in work. Meeting after meeting, each more tiresome than the last. Then, a notification from her! I knew I had to wait until home time before losing myself in her. I think she enjoyed my desperation. In fact, I know she did!

So what was the file like? Better than I could ever have imagined! She took my request and turned it into a masterpiece! I remember preparing my room. Drawing the curtains – exactly as she had instructed. I positioned myself on my bed and tried to prepare myself for what was to come.

Anyone that has experienced erotic trance/hypnosis with Goddess Synn will surely be aware of her almost melodic voice. This is one of the key things that drew me in. The slow rhythmic manner of her words began chipping away at my conscious mind. Before I knew it I had achieved a level of trance previously unknown to me. My 
awareness had faded, and her voice was my fixation. She was my reality. Everything else was insignificant. 

The triggers and suggestions started in a very subtle way. Gradually becoming more intense as the trance deepened even more. I wanted a custom file that would relax me in the evening, so I opted for a 40 minute audio. It was the perfect soundscape for a good night’s rest. 

I don’t remember the exact moment my mind shut off completely, but I do remember my dreams being very intense that night! So much so that my very first wet dream in over a decade preceded it. My waking thoughts (stickiness aside) were of her and what she had done to me in my dreams. I can’t help but think all of this was her intention from the very beginning.

My wife has been asking me why my libido seems to have increased dramatically. I can’t help but smile to myself when thinking of the real reason behind it all.  

I’m writing this 2 months into my sub training. During this time Goddess Synn has shown many sides. Not only is she seductive and alluring, but she shows deep empathy and compassion when needed. She is not afraid to truly connect, and that is a very special and rare trait in my humble opinion. 

Not only has she facilitated boundless self-discovery, she has aided me in accepting who I am deep down. 

Being a successful business man has its pros and cons, but I am constantly seen as the strong, dependable one in both my personal and work relationships. It’s truly exhausting. This is why submitting to her is so cathartic for me.

Strangely enough, since connecting with Goddess Synn my marriage has improved dramatically. My libido is not only higher, but Goddess Synn provides me with tasks to please and satisfy my wife too! I regularly shower my wife in affection and follow the instructions of Goddess Synn, which has in turn lead to a more harmonious household. 

My wife doesn’t know about my submissive nature nor does she know how Goddess Synn orchestrates each and every sexual favor I offer her.  I have no intention of telling her. She wouldn’t understand my desires, but that’s okay – Goddess Synn does.

Always your slave, 


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