Findom – Servitude Is Freedom

The feeling of handing over your hard earned cash to a beautiful Goddess excites you beyond measure, but why? What is so alluring about this particular fetish and why is it that you find yourself totally spellbound? You check your bank statements and your heart starts to race – you’ve done it again! Overspending has become an issue, yet you still come back for more. What is it about Findom that draws you in over and over again?

What is Findom

Findom or financial domination describes a dynamic where the sub (paypig), pays tribute to his Domme in the form of gifts or cash. An authentic Findom relationship is not a fleeting one, in fact, the submissive will regularly splash out to ensure his mistress is well satisfied. In more extreme circumstances, his finances are completely controlled by the Domme. Online shopping sprees, cash gifts and volunteering for the privilege of picking up her lifestyle expenses are all common forms of tribute.

Findom Lifestyle

Though findom has its roots in kink, the real life consequences of engaging in such a relationship makes this a lifestyle. As a Domme who specialises in Findom, for me it is certainly a lifestyle. 

I can’t deny the enjoyment and pleasure it brings when I see a submissive begging to serve me financially. Spending someone else’s cash is the most fun you can have with your panties on – that’s what I tell my girlfriends 😉

Why Findom?

Findom is not for everyone, but those that do enjoy it feel an overwhelming desire to act impulsively and give in to their Goddess. Like a moth to the flame, they can’t help playing with fire.  

I’ve had the pleasure of being served by some truly wonderful subs over the years. Many admitting that they have displayed very specific behavioural patterns during previous findom relationships. The rush of dopamine when they pay is indescribable. A natural high that floods their body and mind, leaving them suspended in euphoric bliss. Once it dies down a little they then begin to question their kink and some even feel shame. This is perfectly normal. 

So, how can you get the good feelings and banish the shame for good?

Findom – Playing It Safe

Once you have recognized your love for findom you need to honestly assess your situation; more specifically your finances. If you are rolling in cash (as some of my clients are) then you can be a lot more generous with your spending habits. Now, if you are in a minimum wage job then you are going to be somewhat limited. This doesn’t mean you can’t connect with a mistress and treat her. It just means you need to be upfront about your resources. I’m always happy to get my morning latte reimbursed! 😉

So, you’ve checked in with yourself and know your budget – what’s next? 

Find the right mistress

Find the right mistress

This is crucial! I know the power I have over my submissives. I know I could drain them dry if I wanted. Though here lies the issue – how can you serve me properly when you are flat broke? It’s true, some Mistresses couldn’t give a toss about your finances, pay up and shut up is more their scene. That’s not quite how I do things. 

Can I be mean? Sure! Can I be demanding? Of course! But I also value long serving submissives that are willing to go above and beyond. What they do for a living is of little significance to me. How much they earn doesn’t determine if they are able to serve or not. It may alter the way they serve, but I still get them bending over backwards regardless.

Helpful tips

1) When reaching out to a Mistress be respectful and honest. Tell her your desires but also make her aware of your limitations. This could be financial or otherwise. If you are upfront from the start, she can decide whether to invest her time or not. 

2) Never ever give out your credit card details. Several of my submissives have been burnt badly because of this. If a mistress asks for your bank details or credit card numbers it is a red flag! Do not do it.

3) Agree to a budget plan if you aren’t rolling in cash. Your Mistress will likely be more than happy to help you with this! I love knowing exactly how much my subbies can spend and what they can cut back on to serve me well.

4) Understand that a good Sub/Domme relationship is always built on trust. I know many of you want to feel used and discarded, but part of what makes a skilled Mistress is having the ability to balance everything. With the right guidance, you can finally free yourself of worry and enjoy your kinks! How liberating? 

Serve Me

I am always willing to chat with new potential submissives. Before reaching out to me it is respectful on your part to offer a tribute. See my tribute page to find out exactly how you can pay. 

Once your payment is sent reference it in a DM or email and tell me about what you are looking for. Once I have confirmed receipt of your tribute I will get back to you at my earliest convenience. 

Until we speak,

Ms Sophia Synn

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